October 27, 2009

Green manufacturers must seek natural market demand

Flavia, a popular beverage machine manufacturer, has recently introduced a sustainable product that is right-sized for its market. In a previous post, Industrial Trends Report challenged that green manufacturing initiatives like recent federal electric car funding is set up for failure by forcing green products upon a consumer market not yet prepared to purchase.

Flavia (a MARS Drink company), on the other hand, has responded to a downsizing workforce by manufacturing an office coffee pot that offers energy efficiency for smaller office populations.
"With the current economy, we are seeing a resurgence of midsize businesses, and we decided to create something that would meet their unique needs," said Mars Drinks North America general manager Nick Braden. "The new Creation 200 gives midsize businesses the opportunity to offer a big-business perk." - Source: Vending Times article

The energy efficient design of the Creation 200 coffee brewer has led to numerous sustainability awards and recognitions. It may be a humble coffee brewer to some, but manufacturers should be encouraged that true sustainable designs can be successful in the marketplace when they enter the market for the right reasons.

Market demand, not legislative demand, offers manufacturers greater opportunities for success. Sustainable processes offer manufacturers and consumers good benefits, but manufacturers need to be cautious of wearing out their welcome before their green products even hit the market.

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