December 15, 2009

Global climate change regulation: what's the environment got to do with it?

Manufacturing trends and climate change are actually sidebars for the real topic in Copenhagen: emerging markets vs. established markets. This week, China adamently declared a refusal to accept any agreement that imposes trade restrictions on non-compliant imports.

Earlier this week, smaller African nations were demanding that larger manufacturing economies reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now the biggest industrial countries are pushing back. Everyone claims that greenhouse gas regulations are a way to level the economic playing field, or a way to leverage economies.

Clearly global climate change has become a pawn for global economic change.

“We will always oppose any practice of establishing trade barriers under the guise of protecting the global environment,” Yu Qingtai, China’s climate change ambassador, said in an interview. - Bloomberg article

China's Copenhagen representative took time to call out the real issue in UN Climate Change discussions.

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