June 29, 2010

Wind Energy Industry and Jobs Growth: Deja vu all over again?

"Winds of Change" - a new report from American Wind Energy Association and Bluegreen Alliance appears to be a repackaged report from last year (see related industrial trends report post: "Green energy manufacturing has questionable potential for jobs growth trends").

The statistics may have been updated and they may have included other reference material. But their message is the same; US taxpayers should support unionized labor in wind energy industry.
While the industry had been rapidly growing for four years, its progress has slowed. This is partly due to taxes and incentives that much be renewed every one to three years.

The industry has the potential to add 14,000 manufacturing jobs, but it requires policies to allow the hiring to happen. Now AWEA and the United Steelworkers Union have collaborated on a Framework Agreement that calls for a national public policy strategy to grow the industry  - article from areadevelopment.com

If you think green energy manufacturing trends have slowed in recent years, you can bring it to a standstill by entrenching this young industry with politics, taxes and union labor.

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