October 28, 2011

National Industrial Parks: only you can prevent plant firings!

Business Line : Industry & Economy News : Manufacturing zones will usher in investments, says Muthuraman

Read about this aggressive manufacturing development policy encouraging India's industrial leaders. They recognize that the fastest growing economies in the world depend upon manufacturing sectors that produce over 25% of the country's GDP.

While US government infrastructure funding ideas promote support for temporary construction repair jobs, building infrastructure for manufacturing business may stimulate long-term careers.

Perhaps the US should develop National Industrial Parks like the Forestry Service develops National Parks for recreation. Designate certain areas to build ideal manufacturing conditions - make it within green manufacturing standards, make it environmentally friendly or whatever social agenda necessary to protect legislator's voting base - and provide a manufacturing environment leased to jobs-creating manufacturers that can't invest in the infrastructure required to develop business growth.

Perhaps the government could invest in original facilities construction and sell it off in rent-to-own fashion.

Some will cry that it's the roots of a socialist state, suggesting that this would create and unbalanced advantage for some in the great scheme of Free Trade. Perhaps some guidelines could be established that restrict these industrial renters to export trade only, selling into other world economies that already have skewed "Free Trade" policies.

If the government is going to invest in jobs creation, it may as well be a real investment in real log-term ventures. At least if the government actually builds something with the tax dollars in can avoid fiascos like Solyndra episode that totally wastes the money.

Of course this will be nearly impossible to pass through at a national level because every legislator will insist these National Industrial Parks should be in their own district, but it may be worth discussion.

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